Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fresh Ink: Spotlight on Debut Books of All Kinds (In This Case, Her First US Publication)

"You were going to work your way into my marriage and you were going to call its new three-way shape holy," writes the unnamed narrator of Dear Thief.

The thief is Nina, or Butterfly, who disappeared eighteen years earlier and who is being summoned by this letter, this bomb, these recollections, revisions, accusations, and confessions.

"Sometimes I imagine, out of sheer playfulness, that I am writing this as a kind of defense for having murdered and buried you under the patio."

Dear Thief is a letter to an old friend, a song, a jewel, and a continuously surprising triangular love story. Samantha Harvey writes with a dazzling blend of fury and beauty about the need for human connection and the brutal vulnerability that need exposes.

"While I write my spare hand might be doing anything for all you know; it might be driving a pin into your voodoo stomach."

Here is a rare novel that traverses the human heart in original and indelible ways.

Read an excerpt HERE.

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Praise for the book:
“Samantha Harvey’s Dear Thief is a novel of profound beauty. I’ll leave it at that.” ~Michael Cunningham,  author of The Hours

“A glorious, sensuous, grown-up novel, intelligent and passionate.” ~Tessa Hadley, author of Clever Girl

“...eerie and arresting.. Harvey gives the neologism ‘frenemy’ a full-book treatment . . . This controlled, thrilling novel derives its power from the perversity of a friendship in which the pair is ‘always closer when one has taken too much from the other.’” ~Publishers Weekly

“A story about a long friendship and the betrayals that tore it apart, this thoughtful meditation, interspersed with reflections on philosophy, religion, and poetry, is about the passages of time, the accumulation of memory, and the hard-won wisdom of aging.” ~Library Journal

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