Monday, October 13, 2014

"Ellen Stimson is one heck of a writer, mother, business person and friend. She's a master of making bad times better and hearts bigger. I'm already panting for her NEXT book." ~Jackie

One vacation changed everything. Ellen Stimson and her husband had such a wonderful time in Vermont that they wondered what living there would really be like. What if we stayed here . . . forever? So began the series of adventures and misadventures of Ellen Stimson's hilarious first book, Mud Season. Now, having settled the family in Vermont's rich muddy soil, they are faced with new challenges of raising kids in the paradise of this very small, very rural town.

Good Grief tells the tales of the hopes and dreams of parents just trying to do their best and not always succeeding. Imagine being the mom of the kid who peed on his teacher's chair . . . On. Purpose. Now imagine the governor asking you about it. (Yes, this is a true story.)
Good Grief is all about the inevitable moment right after somebody says, What next? Ellen Stimson's irrepressible optimism and good humor prevail as she, her two husbands, their three kids, and various much-loved pets face down real life, and even death and grieving, with good humor intact. This is life in a state where everyone knows everything, and everything is everybody else's business.

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Jackie says:
"Ellen Stimson is a master at managing chaos.  The dining room table is set afire two hours before numerous people are coming for Thanksgiving dinner--it's repaired and loaded with multiple delicious foods and the air is full laughter, though slightly smokey.  In fact, tables have a theme throughout the book, and I found her commentary about them really fascinating, and actually bought a table "thinking like Ellen".  The other side of things is grief, which is handled beautifully, though I will let you readers to experience as you read because I cannot do it justice. Ellen Stimson is one heck of a writer, mother, business person and friend.  She's a master of making bad times better and hearts bigger.  I'm already panting for her NEXT book." 

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How can You Win This Fabulous Weekend Getaway?

Read Good Grief and the write a paragraph or two about how humor helped you or someone you know grieve the loss of a loved one. You have until 12/31/14 to submit your entries. Ellen choose her favorite entry from all the entries. And the lucky winner will spend a fabulous long weekend in Vermont!

You can send your entry to or do it snail mail to:
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