Monday, July 12, 2010

Travel Week Spotlight: Local Author Polly Letofsky

5 years around the world...22 countries...14,124 miles walked...

Katie highly recommends this book, saying:

"Circumnavigation has long been a wish, a quandary and an obsession for humankind. We set off from our respective landmasses in airplanes, hot-air balloons, sailboats, rowboats, and bicycles, and refuse to stop until we have journeyed to our starting point, come full circle. Perhaps we strive to accomplish this feat in the interest of bodily experiencing the girth of our planet, to make manifest the mysteries of terra firma. For Colorado author and worldwide walker Polly Letofsky, it was a childhood dream to walk around the world. The cause of breast cancer research and awareness finally gave her the impetus to fulfill this dream, and she began her walk in the mountains of Colorado. The resulting book, "3 mph," chronicles the commendable accomplishment of Polly's complete global walk; with Colorado as her anchor, she heads west, first across the American West, then New Zealand and Australia, East Asia and India, and finally Western Europe via the Greek Islands, ending up right where she started after an extensive walking regimen through the Midwest. In every country, her walking is punctuated with fund-raising speeches, dinners, and gatherings, all to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer (Polly tried to siphon the financial support into the local community where she was traveling, whenever possible). Polly's story is compelling and fascinating, and she makes a wonderful, hilarious traveling companion as one vicariously makes the trek from one's armchair. She's seen things most of us can't even fathom: vicious Australian spiders, all manner of exotic delicacies, Mumbai rush hour traffic, and some pretty awe-inspiring weather. This reader particularly appreciated being able to experience Polly's struggles and frustrations, and to see how she endures hardships: battling through missed connections, untrustworthy strangers or absent meals. The walk was quite an achievement, to say the least, but the book is a wonderful success as well. Put on your walking shoes, snuggle into the couch and get ready for a worldly adventure from Colorado's own walking champion."

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Anonymous said...

How right you are! Polly writes with a wonderful sense of humor and irony. I enjoyed every page. The only problem I can find with the book is it left me breathless as I travelled from country to country in a fast paced effort to devour every word. I couldn't put it down once I started. A terrific read for summer or any time of the year.
Debi Linker

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more! I read the book after meeting Polly and wow! Her energy is amazing and the story of her adventure is inspirational. This is a book for just about anyone to enjoy. Through the book, I felt nearly all my emotions tapped at one time or another. Thanks Polly!
Deb Parker

Shelley Aston said...

I could hardly wait to go to bed every night to see what new adventures Polly was going to encounter next... I'm also so proud of her being able to continue on her journey when she felt so spent at times... what a wonderful time I've had getting to know my cousin all over again! You rock girlie!!

Anonymous said...

A friend picked my book up at Polly's book signing, I couldn't make it. Can't wait to start reading it.I met Polly & BoB with some of my Breast Cancer Dragon Boat team as we walked across the Bong Bridge with Polly into Minnesota.I went to the Citied for her preview of her CD, and she had e-mailed some of her story as she waked it. I'm proud to know you, proud of the cause you took on. Your my IDOL !You go Girl !! Sincerely, Nancy Lowney of Duluth, Minnesota