Thursday, July 22, 2010

TC Tidbits: Behind the Scenes of Book Reviewing

Why do some books get reviewed and others don't? Author Tess Gerritson took a look into what exactly goes on in the books sections of big city newspapers.

Read the article here.

And for the record, Tattered Cover receives a goodly number of galleys as well every week. Our buyers use them for quick review as they place their orders, then they go on shelves for any of our booksellers to pick up and read. There is not one single person working for TC whose job is "book reviewer"--we do it on our own time for the love of books and the desire to help our customers by being as knowledgeable as possible about the latest books coming out. We take that whole "Eat, Sleep, Read" thing pretty much to heart here! But even we can't keep up with it all. So we really feel for the book editor at The Dallas Morning News--this is what happens when he doesn't get to shelving those galleys for a couple of weeks:

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