Monday, July 26, 2010

Sneak Peek Week: I Am Number Four

Jackie's review:

I am still breathless from finishing this book just a little bit ago. The penname 'Pittacus Lore' is given as the book's author. I discovered that James Frey was a co-writer, but I'm not sure who else was involved. My hat is off to all of them because this is one HECK of a story. (I'm not the only one--the book isn't even out yet and Dreamworks has already started shooting the movie in PA! And it's got quite an all star cast, I might add.)

10 years ago 9 Lorien children and their guardians were loaded into a spaceship to save them from the war that was destroying their planet. Another race, the Mogadarians, had come from their own planet, which they have drained of all life, to seize Lorien for themselves, killing
everything that lives there. It's what they do. The children are special, for they will grow up and develop special powers, called Legacies, that could help them save their race. A special charm is put upon the children--they can only be killed in order (1, 2, 3...). They are sent to earth and scattered to hide and mature. They are being hunted by their enemies--who are in the planning stages of taking over and destroying Earth as well.

This first book (it's a planned series) is about 4, beginning with the realization that his number is literally up--a symbolic scar is burned around his ankle every time one of the 9 dies. The third scar just appeared.

I don't want to tell you much about this book because I want you to enjoy every moment of this pulse pounding adventure as it unfolds. It includes everything from normal teenage stuff
(falling in love for the first time, rebelling against authority, bullying, etc) to discovering and learning to use/control the Legacies and alien warfare in many, many forms.

Calling this book a page turner is just WAY too much of an understatement. This could very easily be the next Harry Potter or Twilight, especially with the movie coming so soon. And with how this book ends, there is no doubt the series will go on for quite awhile.

Pre-order your copy today! (word is the publication date has been bumped up to August 3!!!)

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