Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Short Story/Essay Week Spotlight: Local Authors

Broken Links, Mended Lives
This collection of short-stories by members of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers includes the work of well-known novelists Mario Acevedo, Carol Berg, Jameson Cole, and Cindi Myers. The stories speak to the anthology's title and theme in a variety of ways. This book was a finalist in the 2010 Colorado Book Awards.

Voices of the American West
This documentary-style collection of photographs and narratives profiles a wide range of prominent figures of the West as they engage in candid discussions about the region and its identity. A diverse group of visionary men and women, they may differ in politics but remain united in their belief that the West requires inspired action if it is going to endure challenges posed by political, cultural, and environmental pressures. Allowing those on each side of the issues to speak freely, this important work tackles such topics as education, recreation, immigration, ranching, alternative energy, wildlife habitat protection, oil and gas extraction, urban development, and water conservation. Exemplifying photography and journalism at its best, Voices of the American West provides a panoramic view of today's evolving West. The collection features Terry Tempest Williams, Stewart Udall, Katie Lee, Dave Foreman, and many others. This book is the winner of the 2010 Colorado Book Award for General Nonficition.

The Radio Magician and Other Stories
Mixing straightforward science fiction ideas, such as the search for habitable planets, the terra-forming of Venus, and a time-traveling substitute teacher, along with fantasy concepts, such as saving the Earth from nuclear destruction through supernatural sacrifice, a teen werewolf agoning over attending prom on the night of the full moon, or a young boy who denies his polio by listening to a radio magician, to tales of horror where a pair of fathers have both lost sons, or an inn so vast that a man may never find his wife, The Radio Magician and Other Stories showcases James Van Pelt's wide-ranging talent as a tale spinner of the fantastic. This book is the winner of the 2010 Colorado Book Award for Genre Fiction: Science Fiction/Fantasy.

A Dozen on Denver
n this original tribute, twelve talented authors celebrate Denver’s 150th anniversary, each creating a unique story based on a diff erent decade in the city’s colorful history. Ranging from the pioneer days to WWII aftermath to a haunting vision of the future, this lively volume off ers an eclectic mix of exceptional storytelling, each complemented by contemporary illustrations.

Edited by the the Rocky Mountain News and featuring twelve Colorado authors: Margaret Coel, Pam Houston, Sandra Dallas, Nick Arvin, Joanne Greenberg, Connie Willis, Manuel Ramos, Arnold Grossman, Robert Greer, Diane Mott Davidson, Laura Pritchett, and Robert Pogue Ziegler. Illustrated by Charles Chamberlin.
This book is the winner of the 2010 Colorado Book Award for Anthology/Collection.

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Jim Van Pelt said...

Thanks for the shout out for THE RADIO MAGICIAN AND OTHER STORIES. The Colorado Book Award for the book was very gratifying.