Sunday, January 9, 2011

TC Tidbits: Laura Cahill's Readable Furniture

Laura Cahill became particularly fascinated by the found object and kept a diary over the course of a year so she could keep track of the vast amount of objects being discarded within a mile radius of her town center. In response to her findings Laura was inspired to create a collection of furnishings made from recycled books which she later named ‘Readable Furniture’.

Laura’s project Readable Furniture reflects current environmental issues, inspired by recycling and reusing discarded materials.

"I am fascinated in reusing objects in a way that gives them a new life.”

In the attempts to reduce landfill Laura recycles old books and transforms them into new desirable objects designed for the home. Not only does Laura transform local waste, she adds value to the material, as well as creating aesthetically pleasing arts forms. Readable furniture allows viewers to emotionally and intellectually connect with the object and it past use.

Learn more and check out her portfolio here.

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