Monday, January 10, 2011

Local Author's Poetic Love Song to the Mountains

Mountains have been symbolic since the beginning of time. Our imagination has always given life to their presence. We name them, even feature them in our history and our lives. John Maling has created a poem about and around the life of a mountain that touches the very life that bursts from its core to the inhabitants and majestic surroundings. Each line resonates with the spectacular photography taken by Grant Collier and John Maling. 32 inspiring and thoughtful lines enable the reader to climb with the author and photographers from the opening of the poem ... "Have you ever held a mountain Cupped it gently in your hand Felt the texture of its ridges Sifted slow its granite sand Brushed its trees and touched its meadows Heard its glaciers grinding down Felt wet and rocky muscle Under flesh of green and brown?" ... to the closing. And then, the reader will immediately start from the beginning, savoring the words and photos once again.

Jackie says:
"This is a spectacular book--a love song like no other. The photography and the poem are blended to perfection in this small book that evokes big feelings. It's beauty is beyond any words of mine can describe. I'll just say that if you love the mountains, you need this book."

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