Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Now a Quick Word from John W. and Lucas

John W. really recommends:

My Thoughts Be Bloody by Nora Titone, an amazing history of the Booth family, including John Wilkes. It describes the tragic life of Junius Booth, the patriarch, one of America's first "stars", and his star-crossed family. Anyone interested in the
Lincoln assassination will find fresh insight into Booth's life and motivation. Anyone at all into American history will experience the 19th-century springing alive from the pages of this well-written book.

--John W.

Lucas recently read and offers high praise for:

I found Freedom by Jonathan Franzen particularly interesting because it's a novel set during the time period I grew up in. The characters live in the same world we live in and are dealing with the same issues that we're dealing with. The book is a good snapshot of American culture during the 1990's and post-9/11. Modern issues like divorce and the decay of the nuclear family, partisan American politics, and other political/environmental issues are highlighted in Franzen's story. Franzen's writing is excellent throughout the novel. There is no doubt in my mind that this novel will be a standard read for future generations when they learn about American literature and culture during the decades surrounding the beginning of the 21st century.


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Lisa@ButteryBooks said...

My Thoughts Be Bloody sounds like an excellent book for a history buff like my husband. He usually reads these books first and then he lets me know if it is one I would like. Still have not read Freedom, but each review I read moves it further up my TBR list.