Monday, February 2, 2015

Meet Our New Kids' VIB

"Bad truck, bad guy; bad wave, bad bye . . ." 

A boy and his family are packing up their old home, and the morning feels scary and sad. But when he arrives at his new home, an evening of good byes awaits: bye to new friends, bye to glowing fireflies, bye to climbing trees. The New York Times bestselling author Deborah Underwood's spare text and the Boston Globe-Horn Book Award winner Jonathan Bean's lush, layered illustrations perfectly capture the complex emotions of moving day. The child-centric transition from dreary morning to cheerful evening comforts young readers facing big changes of their own.

Kate B. says:
"'Bad day Bad box' starts off this simple yet beautiful book about moving to a new town.  It's raining while the family and the movers are packing the car and the moving van.  The whole family, even the dog, is sad and the little boy must say a bad bye to a good friend.  They take off into the shadowy countryside but as the trip continues, the weather and the light and the spirits get brighter.  The family has fun on the road and the regular word pairs become more descriptive and positive.  The illustrations progress perfectly with the text and capture the expressions of the resilient and hopeful family.  As they reach their destination the word pairs first move to "New" but then progress to "Good".  At bedtime, the little boy tells his new 'Good friend' 'Good bye' and the world is a sunnier place."

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