Saturday, February 14, 2015

Fresh Ink: Spotlight on Debut Books of All Kinds
A deep-cover CIA agent races across Europe to save the daughter he never knew in this electrifying debut thriller-- an international sensation billed as "'Homeland' meets Stieg Larsson"--that heralds the arrival of a new master.

In the end, you cannot hide who you are.
Klara Walldéen was raised by her grandparents on a remote archipelago in the Baltic Sea, learning to fish and hunt and sail a boat through a storm. Now, as an EU Parliament aide in Brussels, she is learning how to navigate the treacherous currents of international politics: the lines between friend and enemy, truth and lies.

But Klara has accidentally seen something she shouldn’t have: a laptop containing information so sensitive that someone will kill to keep hidden. Suddenly, she is thrown into a terrifying chase across Europe, with no idea who is hunting her or why.

Meanwhile, in Virginia, an old spy hides from his past. Once, he was a man of action, an operative so dedicated that he abandoned his infant daughter to keep his cover. Now, he is the only man who can save Klara . . . and she is the only woman who can allow him to lay old ghosts to rest.

Read an excerpt HERE. 

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Joakim Zander, author of The Swimmer, answers Ten Terrifying Questions

And another short interview HERE. 

Praise for the book: 
“How can The Swimmer be a first novel? It is dazzling not only in its plotting and character portraits, but in the sophistication of its structure, which keeps us breathless and guessing. An impressive and memorable work, comparable to the best of John le Carré.” ~Joseph Finder, author of Suspicion

“Effortlessly structured and perfectly paced, The Swimmer is a globetrotting page-turner whose vibrant cast of characters vividly brings to life the harrowing complexities of our modern political landscape.” ~Kimberly McCreight, author of Reconstructing Amelia

“An international thriller with the pace and intensity of a Jason Bourne adventure…. Skillfully moving between the past and the present, from Sweden to Syria to Washington and back again, Zander weaves an increasingly tight web of intrigue and suspense…. A compulsively readable page-turner with unexpected heart.” ~Kirkus

“Swedish author Zander’s entertaining first novel owes more to Forsythe and Ludlum than to Larsson and Mankell…. Given Zander’s literate, descriptive style, it’s easy to see why this thriller has been a bestseller in Europe.” ~PublishersWeekly
“Truly polished and compelling…. Tension and action abound. But it is the depth of Zander’s characters and the quality of the writing, which at times touches elegance, that make The Swimmer a winner…. Zander looks to be a very talented new branch on the flourishing tree of Scandinavian crime fiction.” ~Booklist

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