Tuesday, February 3, 2015

"I loved this gentle novel." ~Jocelyn

Sixth-grader Iris Abernathy hates life in Corvallis, Oregon, where her family just moved. It's always raining, and everything is so "wet." Besides, nothing has felt right since Iris's best friend, Sarah, died.

When Iris meets Boris, an awkward mouth-breather with a know-it-all personality, she's not looking to make a new friend, but it beats eating lunch alone. Then she learns that Boris's very existence is a medical mystery, maybe even a miracle, and Iris starts to wonder why some people get miracles and others don't. And if one miracle is possible, can another one be too? Can she possibly communicate with Sarah again?
Jocelyn says:
"6th grader Iris Abernathy liked sunny California. What were her parents thinking, moving to Oregon where it officially ALWAYS RAINS? Moving didn't lessen the pain of the death of her best friend, Sarah. Maybe- just maybe- Sarah's ghost would show herself to Iris. Iris misses Sarah so much! After all, sometimes miracles happen-...... there is always the possibility of another miracle......

With the help of a mouth breather named Boris and a sympathetic therapist, Dr. Shannon, Iris tries to work through her grief and come out on the other side.

I loved this gentle novel. I love how it shows therapy and a loving family as truly helping. Perhaps this book would be a huge help to readers struggling with grief, as well as creating empathy in others.

3 thumbs up."

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