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Fresh Ink: Spotlight on Debut Books of All Kinds

At a time when women did not commonly travel unescorted, carry a rifle, sit down in bars, or have romantic liaisons with other women, Lucy Lobdell boldly set forth to earn men's wages. Lucy Lobdell did all of these things in a personal quest to work and be paid, to wear what she wanted, and love whomever she cared to. But to gain those freedoms she had to endure public scorn and wrestle with a sexual identity whose vocabulary had yet to be invented. In this riveting historical novel, William Klaber captures the life of a brave woman who saw well beyond her era.

The Rebellion of Miss Lucy Ann Lobdell is the fictionalized account of Lucy's foray into the world of men and her inward journey to a new sexual identity. It is her promised memoir as hear and recorded a century later by William Klaber, an upstream neighbor. Meticulously researched and told with compassion and respect, this is historical fiction at its best. 
The author
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Praise for the book:
"In The Rebellion of Miss Lucy Ann Lobdell, William Klaber takes us on high-spirited journey of joy and hardship through a 19th century America that few of us could have ever imagined. Lucy Lobdell seems destined to live out a life of adventure from the moment she crosses over into a forbidden and secret world. Beautifully told, by the time I finished I felt I knew not only Lucy, but had a far better understanding of the America of her times. A first class novel about an truly unforgettable woman." ~Robert Hicks, author of A Separate Country

"William Klaber has created a complicated and heartbreaking heroine, or do I mean hero? Whether Lucy is living as a man or a woman, working as a music teacher or a hired gun, I was utterly absorbed in her adventures. A wonderful debut." ~Margot Livesey, author of The House on Fortune Street
"A superb novel. I feel as if I have walked through 19th century America at Lucy's side, celebrated and grieved with her. Klaber tells the story of her adventures with grace and invisible artistry. This is beautiful retelling of a remarkable story, and a fitting tribute to its subject." ~Imogen Robertson, author of The Paris Winter

"So dead-on it’s uncanny . . . an early contender for the year’s ‘best’ lists." ~Booklist

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