Sunday, May 11, 2014

“With shades of 'The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy' and the clever, self-deprecating wit of Augusten Burroughs and Max Barry, Springfield’s highly original work is the rare antidote to the celebrity ghostwritten books…Captivating, poignant, and hilarious, Magnificent Vibration proves that some of the most interesting stories can come from pretty unlikely places.” —Booklist

Why are we here?
What is love? 
Is there a loch ness monster? 
Does God send text messages? 

These are the kinds of questions Horatio Cotton, aka Bobby, asks in "New York Times" bestseller Rick Springfield's debut novel, Magnificent Vibration.

After stealing a mysterious self-help book called "Magnificent Vibration: Discover Your True Purpose" from a bookstore, Bobby calls the 1-800 number scrawled inside the front cover, only to discover that he has a direct line to God. This launches Bobby on an unlikely quest, serendipitously accompanied by a breathtakingly sexy and exceedingly sharp travel companion named Alice. Together the pair sets out to find some combination of spiritual and carnal salvation--and possibly save the planet.

By turns hilarious, poignant, over-the-top, and deeply meaningful, Magnificent Vibration is a highly original novel about the biggest questions one man--or mankind--has ever asked.

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