Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"The Untold is destined to be THE summer read of 2014, and well beyond." ~Cathy

 With shades of Water for Elephants and True Grit, a stunning debut novel set in the Australian outback about a female horse thief, her bid for freedom, and the two men trying to capture her.

It is 1921. In a mountain-locked valley, Jessie is on the run.

Born wild and brave, by twenty-six she has already lived life as a circus rider, horse and cattle rustler, and convict. But on this fateful night she is just a woman wanting to survive though there is barely any life left in her.

Two men crash through the bushland, desperate to claim the reward on her head: one her lover, the other the law.

But as it has always been for Jessie, it is death, not a man, who is her closest pursuer and companion. And while all odds are stacked against her, there is one who will never give up on her—her own child, who awaits her.

Read an interview with the author HERE. (The book they are showing you is the Australian version, where the book debuted under another title.)

Cathy says:
"The Untold is a wild, amazing ride that gives readers one of the most powerful and compelling female protagonist ever written. Jessie is a convicted horse rustler, fleeing the scene of a murder, pursued by, among others, her half aboriginal lover, through the mountain wilderness of Australia in 1921. Based on a real character, her story is told though a haunting voice that brilliantly conveys the harsh and brutal nature of the time and place.

The Untold is destined to be THE summer read of 2014, and well beyond. Courtney Collins is bold with her narrative voice and bolder still with the pace, while bringing to life a tale that rivals any myth of the American West, and bravo that a woman is the stuff that myths are made of."

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