Friday, May 2, 2014

Start Summer With Increased Health
In Clean Gut, Alejandro Junger, M.D, New York Times bestselling author of Clean and creator of the world-famous Clean Program, delivers a complete toolkit for reversing disease and sustaining life-long health. Inside these pages, Junger offers a groundbreaking new program that attacks the root causes of illness and helps us to restore our own amazing healing capabilities.

With a few simple steps, you can repair and restore your gut health, and watch symptoms both minor and major disappear. This groundbreaking new protocol grew out of Dr. Junger's experience helping many people jump-start their way back to wellness. Dr. Junger also presents a set of guiding principles to keep you healthy for the long term. True health is about more than just what you put into your mouth: it's also about community and the people and things you surround yourself with; it's about how to know what your body loves, craves, and needs versus what assaults it. In Clean Gut, Dr. Junger gives us everything we need to discover what it means to be truly healthy.
Replicate the go-to cleanse for Hollywood A-listers at home with this beautifully designed, lavishly illustrated, and inspiring lifestyle book by the creator of Organic Avenue, Denise Mari's hugely popular juice cleansing and raw vegan lifestyle company.

Denise Mari, founder of Organic Avenue, went from peddling her fresh juices from a backpack in the Lower East Side of New York to opening a booming business and brand. Her delicious, sustainable, and compassionate food has become a favorite of stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, and Meg Ryan. Now, through this stunning book, her fabulous juice cleanse programs and nutritious, mouthwatering food will be available to readers who care about being healthy inside and out. Enjoy the juices, elixirs, soups, smoothies, salads, entrees, snacks, and desserts--all using pure, nutrient-rich, organic, and raw ingredients--that have transformed Organic Avenue into one of today's hottest brands.

But Organic Avenue isn't just about eating. It's about living. Mari tells the moving story behind her brand's healthy philosophy and shares its ideals--sustainability, compassion, dedication to uncompromising quality, and holistic living--offering suggestions everyone can use to detoxify their bodies and transform their lifestyles to become happier, healthier, thinner and more energized, focused, balanced, and inspired.

Illustrated with dozens of gorgeous, full-color photos and beautifully crafted Organic Avenue includes adaptable cleanse programs for bright eyes and glowing skin, weight loss, improved stamina, positive thinking, inner calmness, and mental clarity. Feel good and live well with DIY access to Organic Avenue's never-before-published recipes and philosophy for living.

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