Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Two YA Crossover's You Want To Read. Jackie Will Tell You More.
I love this book! I love this book! I LOVE this book! The premise: After what we all know and love about The Wizard of Oz via the movie, Dorothy comes back to Oz somehow, and had turned into a demon of greed, stealing the magic from Oz and being a heartless/murderous dictator, with the help of a now evil Glinda. The Tin Man, the Scarecrow and the Lion are all monsters now, doing terrible, terrible things to the beings of Oz with full consent from Dorothy.

Back in our world, Amy Gumm is having deep troubles. Her mother is an alcoholic druggie who is hostile to her. School is no escape: she gets suspended after defending herself from a bully. And then there was a tornado. After it hits, she finds her trailer teetering on the edge of a huge abyss, and a teenage boy saves her.
He explains that she's now in Oz, for real. Then he jumps down the hole and disappears.

She's left to her own devices, learning quickly that just about everything she knew about Oz is now completely opposite. Eventually meeting up with the Wickeds (who are actually what passes for "good guys" now), she finds out that her destiny to become an assassin, because Dorthy must die, and Amy is the only one who can do the job.

This is clearly the first in a series, and I'm pretty much panting for the next book to come out. Once again, this is technically a YA book, but if someone enjoyed the movie and are up for some serious role reversals and some mighty tight fighting and plotting, they will want to grab a copy of this book!
I sat down, opened up this book, and didn't stop reading until I hit the back cover. I can't tell you the last time I read a book in one setting, but I truly could not free myself from this unusual and riveting tale.

It involves a large family who come together in the summers on an island. It is told by 17 year old Cadence, who weaves a tremendous web of family issues along with bigotry and upper class entitlement issues.

It's also a mystery as Cadence tries to find answers for her missing memories of the summer she was 15, and why she has been kept away from the island and family for the last two years.. What we find out, along with her, is shocking and electrifying. This story is brilliant, and I cannot recommend it enough to both teenagers and adults alike.


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