Friday, January 30, 2015

Trinity, One of Our Teen Book Reviewers, Has A Few Books She Wants To Share With You
"Jonas’s society has been perfected. Their government has rid the city of pain, fear and choices. Everyone is assigned a job, family and life. Jonas receives his job, the receiver of memory. He is being trained by the Giver, who will share with him memories of the pain and joy in the past. There is no giving up or turning back. 

This is a short but wonderful read about a futuristic utopia with faults in itself. I recommend this to anyone interested in utopian society or problems of the future."
"Sam is one of the most popular girls in her school, has the most chased-after boyfriend, and anything else anyone could want. She can do whatever she wants and everyone else follows. 

On Valentine’s Day, she couldn’t be happier, until she dies. But she gets another chance to relive the day... and another. To live to February 13, she has to right all the wrongs with whatever it takes. 

This is a melancholy, realistic novel filled with popularity and forgiveness. I would recommend this to anyone who can give a character a second chance."
"During a blackout of New York City, Owen and Lucy are stuck together in an elevator between the tenth and eleventh floor. After they escape, they wander the dark city, and see for once the stars that shine above them. After the power comes back on, everything goes back to normal. Both Owen and Lucy move away from the big city, and are carried throughout the world. Their relationship is played out through postcards and emails as they move further and further away from each other. This is a beautiful and realistic story about love versus fate. I recommend this for anyone wanting a beautiful depiction of a long-distance relationship."
"In the final book of Shatter Me series, Juliet has discovered that Omega Point was destroyed, and has no idea if anyone has survived. She must rely on Warner to help take down the Reestablishment once and for all. 

This is a poetic and romantic novel filled with action. I would recommend this to anyone wanting a new type of dystopian book, and who has already read Shatter Me and Unravel Me."
"When Jae moves from L.A. to Korea, she believes her biggest problem will be fitting in at school. After all, she can shoot a bullseye from fifty feet away with a bow, not to mention she also has a black belt.
Then she discovers that a Korean demi-god is trying to steal her away to a mythical land, only because she is next in line for the prophecy containing all of the eldest girls in her family. Now Jae has to try to survive a land of fable while trying to break the curse.  

Gilded is a magnificently written fantasy book, beautifully entwined with Korean mythology. The description is beautiful and brings the story to life. I recommend this to anyone willing to have an open mind about a new and exciting type of fantasy book."

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