Wednesday, January 14, 2015

It's Prankster vs. Prankster In This Deviously Funny New Series by Bestselling Authors and Friends Mac Barnett and Jory John

Miles Murphy is not happy to be moving to Yawnee Valley, a sleepy town that's famous for one thing and one thing only: cows. In his old school, everyone knew him as the town's best prankster, but Miles quickly discovers that Yawnee Valley already has a prankster, and a great one. If Miles is going to take the title from this mystery kid, he is going to have to raise his game.

It's prankster against prankster in an epic war of trickery, until the two finally decide to join forces and pull off the biggest prank ever seen: a prank so huge that it would make the members of the International Order of Disorder proud.

In The Terrible Two, bestselling authors and friends Mac Barnett and Jory John have created a series that has its roots in classic middle-grade literature yet feels fresh and new at the same time.

Mac and Jory swearing a new recruit for The International Order of Disorder
Here's what you must swear to become a member of the International Order of Disorder For the Advancement of Laughter, Chaos, and the Art of the Prank:

"To be good at being bad: to disrupt, but not destroy; to embarrass the dour and delight the merry; to devote the mind to japes, capers, shenanigans, and monkey business; to prove the world looks better turned upside down."

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