Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Meet Our New Kids VIB!

It's hard work being a farmer and even harder running a dinosaur farm. Children can spend a day on this vibrant farm and follow the farmer from dawn till dusk, through feedings, cleanings, baby hatchlings, and finally to a sweet bedtime nighty-night.

"It's very hard work being a farmer and the work is bigger and even harder when the farm's livestock is made up of dinosaurs of all sorts and sizes. Preston-Gannon has created a most colorful picture book filled with dinosaur decor, dinosaur humor and complete descriptions of the care and feeding of dinosaurs....in a typical rural setting. At the end of a long working day the farmer and the dinosaurs settle down with a sweet early good night. Perhaps happily entertained children will settle down too!"

Every now and then we encounter a new children's book or series that we’re so excited about we want to broadcast it from the rooftop. We've created the Kids' TC VIB (very impressive book) to highlight real stand-outs among the many delightful and meaningful new editions for young readers.

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