Thursday, February 21, 2013

Miki Starts at #18 And Loves It

"The Black Box by Michael Connelly is the newest and 18th book in the Harry Bosch Series.  Having never read any of the Bosch series, I was unsure if I would be able to really get into this one. After about two chapters, all of my uncertainties were proven unwarranted. I was hooked.  

The Black Box refers to the device that investigators look for after a plane crashes.  This box usually has all of the evidence that can tell investigators what went wrong and why the crash happened.  In this novel, Detective Bosch is searching for that one piece of evidence that will crack a case that has been cold for 20 years.  

The crime was the murder of a young foreign journalist who had come to America.  Since her death occurred in the midst of the LA riots, the case was blown off.  She seemed to have been a victim of the hostel world, not any specific killer.  Well, for Bosch and his Unsolved Crime Unit, that did not seem to be a sufficient explanation.   

Bosch very quickly begins to see connections in the case and is thrust into a world he did not expect. It is difficult to say much more without giving away too much about the book.  I will just say that Connelly has not only written another heart racing novel, but he has written one that made me really think about many diverse topics after I turned that last page." 


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