Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dispatch From The Field: Joe's Been Waiting For This One

At last, the long-awaited sequel to The Average American Male—a new novel marking the return of Chad Kultgen's blithely and unforgettably raunchy narrator . . . now married with children.

Five years ago, Chad Kultgen's first novel, The Average American Male, was launched to a storm of controversy—fueled in part by a viral video campaign that garnered international media attention. To the prim and prudish, the novel—with its callous yet charismatically womanizing narrator—was an outrage. To a surprisingly broad array of readers, however, the book became a sensation.

In the years since, The Average American Male has become a cult classic, embraced by readers—including many women—who recognize the unflinching, uncomfortable truth behind Kultgen's satirical take on the world. Now, five years (and innumerable outrages) later, Kultgen's narrator is back. He still revels in objectifying women, killing time with video games, and stealing any remaining idle moments to pleasure himself. Now, however, the Average American Male must face life as a married man—an existence that resembles everything his readers will remember from the first book. As his world collapses around him, Kultgen's uproarious narrator looks upon the institution of marriage with the same deadpan smirk he has brought to the rest of his sex-addled, perennially disaffected life.

As blithely outrageous as its precursor, The Average American Marriage takes satire to new depths of cockeyed depravity—while adding another chapter to Kultgen's unique take on the never-ending battle of the sexes.

Joe says:
"Lock up your prudish mores, America… Chad Kultgen’s anti-hero is back! The unnamed narrator from The Average American Male returns in this hilarious new novel He’s now married, with children, and his life is hell. Though he loves his wife and kids, things haven’t turned out like he’d hoped. His wife isn’t that interested in sex, and it’s just about the only thing on his mind.  He sees other men in similar situations around him, and they seem resigned to drab, sexless lives at home and dreary, hopeless lives at work. His best friend, Carlos, is getting married. Being gay, Carlos isn’t going to let marriage shackle his sex life, and it’s this, along with a story his friend, Todd, tell him that pushes our hero into the choices he makes.

What follows is an at times sad, cringe-inducing, and frequently laugh-out-loud tale of what just really might be the Average American Married Male…  Once again, some folks might think he can’t be real… that guys don’t really think like this… but I hate to say that I related far more to him once again than many other protagonists in other books… Chad Kultgen’s anti-hero speaks (& lives) the truth many folks manage to keep suppressed for the common good. This is why I enjoy reading Kultgen’s novels… they’re realistic, but with the sublime satisfaction of seeing what havoc one could cause if you said what you’re really thinking.  

The Average American Marriage didn’t disappoint at all… This book isn’t for everyone… If you’re easily offended, you will definitely be offended. If you’re hard to offend, you still might be offended… but you’re going to laugh, you’re going to cringe, you’re might even choke back a tear or two… and you’re going to get a glimpse into the world men keep hidden, even from each other… the true view of the Average American Male."

You can meet the author, Chad Kultgen, on Thursday, February 21, 2013 at 7:30 pm at our Historic Lodo Store!

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