Thursday, August 21, 2014

"Helen Thorpe has done it again. Soldier Girls is a brilliant and groundbreaking work." ~Cathy
Helen Thorpe is a gifted writer with a keen sense of the details that make lives unique and at the same time universal. Soldier Girls follows 3 women who joined the Indiana National Guard prior to 9/11, hoping for better lives through the benefits and camaraderie the Guard seemed to promise. Instead of a few weekend drills they find themselves in Iraq and Afghanistan for long tours. The women face a myriad of challenges both in the theater of war and back home, profoundly changed by their unexpected deployment.

Soldier Girls is a compulsively readable and moving treatment of war, loss, self discovery and the efforts of ordinary American women to find a way to better their circumstances.


You can listen to an interview at Tattered Cover with Helen Thorpe, as well as read an excerpt HERE.

Watch her on the Daily Show HERE.

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