Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fresh Ink: Spotlight on Debut Books of All Kinds

Sophie Porter is the last person in the world you'd expect to be stealing Renaissance masterpieces-and that's exactly why she's so good at it. Slipping objects out of her husband's office at the Philadelphia Museum of Art satisfies something deep inside, during a time in her life when satisfactions are few and far between. Selling the treasures also happens to keep their house out of foreclosure a house that means everything to Sophie. But the FBI is sniffing around, and Sophie is close to destroying the very life she's working so hard to build. She knows she should give up her thieving ways. But she may no longer be in control. The Objects of Her Affection is a riveting story about the realities of motherhood, the perils of secrecy, and the art of appraising the real treasures in our lives.

Read about the author's inspiration for her debut book HERE.

Praise for the book:

"Sophie Porter didn’t mean to become an art thief. Her husband is a curator at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and she knows how much effort goes into every acquisition. She never expected to be underwater on her mortgage, either. An admirably low-interest rate turned out to be temporary, and with rising day-care costs and school fees, the family’s carefully balanced finances are in danger of collapsing entirely. At least, that’s her reasoning behind lifting a gorgeous silver mirror off of a museum storage cart and tucking it into her diaper bag. After she finds an incredibly motivated buyer for the mirror, Sophie’s thievery increases. It’s not until the consequences start to catch up to her that she fully understands just how fragile her world has become. Feeling left behind in the freelance tech world after the birth of her children and anxious about her carefully planned future, Sophie is desperate. This thrilling, emotional, and tautly paced novel will appeal to fans of Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief. Cobb’s clear, unburdened prose allows Sophie’s innermost hopes and anxieties to shine. Her brilliant first novel is the story of a woman with nothing and everything to lose." ~Booklist

"Cobb's real-life knowledge of the museum acquisition process-she's married to a curator-imbues this sizzling tale of suspense and moral dilemmas with a heightened sense of realism." - Publishers Weekly

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