Monday, February 10, 2014

"This is truly a remarkable debut of a very talented new voice in fiction." ~Jackie

An absentee father, a former dissident from communist-era Prague, needles his adult daughter for details about her newly commissioned play when he fears it will cast him in an unflattering light. An actor, imprisoned during the Red Scare for playing up his communist leanings to get a part with a leftist film director, is shamed by his act when he reunites with his precocious young son. An Israeli soldier, forced to defend a settlement filled with American religious families, still pines for a chance to discover the United States for himself. A young Israeli journalist, left unemployed after America s most recent economic crash, questions her life path when she begins dating a middle-aged widower still in mourning for his wife. And in the book's final story, a tour de force spanning three continents and three generations of women, a young American and her Israeli husband are forced to reconsider their marriage after the death of her dissident art-collecting grandmother.

Again and again, Molly Antopol's deeply sympathetic characters struggle for footing in an uncertain world, hounded by forces beyond their control. Their voices are intimate and powerful and they resonate with searing beauty. Antopol is a superb young talent, and The UnAmericans will long be remembered for its wit, humanity, and heart.
Jackie says:
"These eight stories taught me a lot about parts of the world I had heard of but didn't know much about.  The characters that Antopol conjures up are sharp, vital, and very "real".  Though much of what they go through is foreign literally and figuratively, I was able to find a connection with all of these people, which is pretty impressive when you understand that these are only 25 page stories.  Antopol slyly slides us into the fray immediately, and really doesn't let you go.  I felt like I could only read one story a day because I needed to process what all went on in the story I'd just finished.  This is truly a remarkable debut of a very talented new voice in fiction."

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