Friday, February 21, 2014

This Is The First Horror/Thriller That Made Jackie Cry

I loved this book.  It's creepy in a muted way for most of  the book, but it revs up considerably towards the end, with what I found to be a bit of a surprising closing.  I can't tell you how many bus/train stops I missed while engrossed in this novel.  The story goes back and forth between 1908 and the present day, creating puzzle pieces that the reader must put together right along with the characters.  It's a book about profound loves and losses, and what that does to your mind and heart.  It's about strong women fighting for their family.  It will have you checking door and window locks eventually (and probably hesitant about closets),  If you are like me, your own heart will hurt at the end of the book.  Me--I cried.  This is my first McMahon book, but it will not be the last.


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