Friday, February 21, 2014

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The arrival of the Beatles was one of those unforgettable cultural touchstones. Through the voices of those who witnessed it or were swept up in it indirectly, The Beatles Are Here explores the emotional impact some might call it hysteria of the Fab Four s February 1964 dramatic landing on our shores. Contributors, including Lisa See, Gay Talese, Renee Fleming, Roy Blount, Jr., and many others, describe in essays and interviews how they were inspired by the Beatles.

This intimate and entertaining collection arose from writer Penelope Rowlands' own Beatlemaniac phase: she was one of the screaming girls captured in an iconic photograph that has since been published around the world and is displayed on the cover of this book. The stories of these girls, who found each other again almost 50 years later, are part of this volume as well. The Beatles Are Here gets to the heart of why, half a century later, the Beatles still matter to us so deeply.

Author Penelope Rowlands says:
"Like every author I've ever known, I became a writer through reading; I devoured books all through my childhood. I began writing poetry in high school, moved on to fiction in college, and, at some point in my early 30s, turned to nonfiction. I love this form for the way it allows me to examine -- and, if all goes well, even make sense of -- the world around me.

As for the books I've written, each of my last three arose directly from personal experience.

The Beatles Are Here! was inspired by my, umm, tempestuous adolescent years when I was obsessed with the Beatles and other British bands...." 

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