Friday, November 8, 2013

"Told from many points of view, 'Ungifted' is a gift --to any reader whose mind is open to receive it." ~Jocelyn

The word gifted has never been applied to a kid like Donovan Curtis. It's usually more like "Don't try this at home." So when the troublemaker pulls a major prank at his middle school, he thinks he's finally gone too far. But thanks to a mix-up by one of the administrators, instead of getting in trouble, Donovan is sent to the Academy of Scholastic Distinction (ASD), a special program for gifted and talented students.

It wasn't exactly what Donovan had intended, but there couldn't be a more perfect hideout for someone like him. That is, if he can manage to fool people whose IQs are above genius level. And that becomes harder and harder as the students and teachers of ASD grow to realize that Donovan may not be good at math or science (or just about anything). But after an ongoing experiment with a live human (sister), an unforgettably dramatic middle-school dance, and the most astonishing come-from-behind robot victory ever, Donovan shows that his gifts might be exactly what the ASD students never knew they needed. 
Jocelyn says:
"No one has ever accused Donovan Curtis of being gifted before.  Yes, mediocre middle school student, yes, smart alecky - yes, a bit of a show off, and yes, some daredevil in there somewhere. Donovan, the king of acting before thinking, being gifted? Uh, no!

The accidental addition of his name to the list of kids destined for the Academy of Scholastic Distinction (ASD) -- instead of the list for students going to be expelled- starts a chain of events that improves and enlightens not only Donovan himself, but his whole stressed out family as well as the class of highly intelligent but socially awkward gifted students he lands in.

Although it is apparent to almost everyone at ASD Donovan doesn't fit into the rarified academic atmosphere, being his regular, average self brings about positive connections and shifting perspectives to all concerned.

Told from many points of view, Ungifted is a gift --to any reader whose mind is open to receive it.

2 thumbs up."

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