Wednesday, November 6, 2013

"This is a fantastic mid-grade novel for both boys and girls. A great read." ~Jocelyn

Cosmo must journey to the past to understand his future in this humorous, heartbreaking, and brilliantly original debut novel.

Cosmo’s granddad used to be the cleverest person he ever knew. That is, until his granddad’s mind began to fail. In a rare moment of clarity, his granddad gives Cosmo a key and pleads with Cosmo to go to the South Gates of Blackbrick Abbey, where his granddad promises an “answer to everything.” In the dead of night, Cosmo does just that.

When Cosmo unlocks the rusty old gates, he is whisked back to Blackbrick of years past, along with his granddad—now just sixteen-years old and sharp as a tack—beautiful Maggie, and the absolutely dreadful Corporamore family. But much more than time travel adventure awaits Cosmo on the old, sprawling estate: he’ll also discover revealing truths about his granddad, his family, and himself.

Abounding with humor and heart, this extraordinary novel is an original, unforgettable story about lost memories, lost times, and lost lives, reclaimed.
Jocelyn says:
"Cosmo is having a hard time in his corner of Ireland. His brother died, his mother moved to Sydney, and his granddad doesn't always remember who he is or where the bathroom is. Now a social worker believes what's best for him is for his beloved horse be sent to a farm way out in Kildare, move in with his Uncle Ted who doesn't listen, and put his granddad in a full-time care facility.
In a rare moment of clarity, Cosmo's granddad gives him a key and makes him swear to go to Blackbrick Abbey.
Opening the south gate of the Blackbrick Abbey estate sends Cosmo back 70 years through time where he meets his 16 year old granddad as a stable boy.
This is a terrific novel that envelops dealing with grief, bullies, appreciating loved ones growing old and just plain growing up-- all very real issues-- with a gentle time travel thread that makes readers wish that they, too, had been handed a magic key.
Luckily the next best thing is to be handed this book.
I loved loved loved it."

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