Friday, October 25, 2013

Lucas Takes On Classical Music With This Audio Book

Listen to former Colorado Symphony Orchestra conductor Marin Alsop guide you through the story of one of the greatest musical traditions. Any level of learner or music lover would get a lot out of this work. Look at it as a crash course in Western classical music history.

Starting with Gregorian Chant and ending with music for films (such as the score from the Harry Potter films and the works of John Williams) this is a comprehensive overview. The abundance of sound clips to listen to and Alsop's witty and delightful anecdote's keep the listener engaged and interested. Did you know that during the Classical era of music (1750-1830ish), two prominent composers engaged in a heated keyboard duel (one on organ, one on harpsichord)? The result was a draw. Now, who said that classical music is boring?

I think this is a good book for anyone who is looking to learn more about music history or for anyone who is looking to reinforce or add to their existing knowledge. I guarantee almost anybody would take something new away from this audiobook.


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