Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Introducing Our New Kids VIB


There's no other horse quite like Calliope. She's short. She's slow. She's lumpy. She's a rhinoceros. Still, Cowboy Boyd has a real strong belief in Calliope and her ability to help out the crew at the Double R Ranch. Boyd and Calliope try to prove themselves to the ranchers by rounding up strays and hauling posts, but it just doesn't look like it's going to work out. That is, until a storm drives all the cattle away from the ranch. They need someone real special to bring them back. . . .

Lisa Moser brings her trademark humor and strong structure to this smart and silly story of a cowboy and his beloved steed—a rhinoceros.

"No doubt about it, folks knew Boyd and Calliope were different from the moment they rode onto the Double R  Ranch."

Judy B says:
"Cowboy Boyd and Calliope the Rhino are searching for a place in the West that  they could call home.  They stop  at Rancher Rosie's, and she gives them a work trial which goes badly.

But Cowboy Boyd has 'a real strong belief in Calliope'  who really tries her best (ker-thud!).

Ultimately Calliope wins over the ranch hands with her friendliness and positive attitude.

I've got 'a real strong belief' in this charming, funny, happy, life-affirming, great read-aloud story."

Every now and then we encounter a new children's book or series that we’re so excited about we want to broadcast it from the rooftop, so we've created a Kids' TC VIB (very impressive book) for a real stand-out among the many delightful and meaningful new editions for young readers.

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