Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Jocelyn Gives This One Two Thumbs Up

I loved The Apothecary when it came out 2 years ago and I love the sequel, The Apprentices, hot off the press. Meloy has nailed the art of the sequel- which is seldom accomplished so successfully. Three cheers!

Our main character, Janie Scott, is now in an American prep school, following her passion for chemistry. Those of us who have read the first book remember how Janie's friendship with Benjamin, the son of a far from typical apothecary in England, was the basis of a fantastic adventure that culminated in saving the world from the fallout of an atomic bomb blast.
Now it is two years later and Janie doesn't know where Benjamin and his father are- very frustrating- but! she is immersed in her beloved chemistry project when the forces of jealousy and, yes, evil intervene and all is taken from her.
Should she give up and return to her parent's house in defeat? 
That just isn't Janie's style.
An action packed adventure with just a hint of romance- perfect for mid-grade readers and why not even teens?

How refreshing to read about a high school girl interested in science, adventure and a boy (or 2).

I'm a huge fan- 2 thumbs up up up.
~ Jocelyn

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