Sunday, January 6, 2013

"McMahon scores a solid touchdown in this creepy but engrossing thriller.... Readers will find themselves unable to turn the pages fast enough in this perfectly penned thriller." - Kirkus

Reggie has told almost no one about the summer of 1985.

She was thirteen, awkward, her only friends the school outcasts -- Charlie, the shy son of a local detective, and Tara, a goth kid who harbors a dark secret. That summer a serial killer known as Neptune began abducting women in their sleepy Connecticut suburb and leaving their severed hands on the steps of the police department. Exactly five days later, the women’s bodies are found. When Reggie’s mother, Vera -- an ex-model with many “boyfriends” and a thirst for gin -- disappears and her hand shows up at the police station, Reggie, Charlie and Tara plunge into a seedy world of dive bars and pay-by-the-hour motels trying to find her. But after five days, there’s no body, and the murders stop. Both Vera and Neptune seem to have vanished.

Twenty-five years later, Reggie is an award-winning architect with a seemingly perfect --if a bit lonely -- life when she learns that Vera has turned up alive in a homeless shelter. Vera is confused, speaking in riddles and nursery rhymes, unable (or unwilling) to explain where she’s been all these years. It’s up to Reggie to sift through the clues in her own past, unravel her mother’s riddles, and find Neptune before he kills again.

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