Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Our Very First Tattered Cover Customer Review!!!


Just as the sexton is about to inter the ashes of one of Grace Church's last wealthy patronesses in the Memorial Garden, he unearths a wine crate containing the ashes of an unknown. Next to the ashes is a distinctive pair of shoes. Not only are the woman's relatives furious at the interruption, but they soon have grounds for a lawsuit: yet another piece of the church's tower comes crashing to the ground.

With their congregation dwindling and their world literally falling in around them, Father Robert Vickers and his colorful staff members and volunteers put their heads together to solve the mystery of the anonymous ashes and find the means to save Grace Church from the developers, all in time for the Bishop's visit.

Chuck Brickell writes:
"Death in the Memorial Garden has put a unique twist to the mystery genera. Ms. Deviny presents her readers with a combination of two dilemmas, neither one of which have catastrophic scenarios that could possibly lead to the destruction or economic downfall of the country which is so common to today's mystery novels. The reader is presented with a combination problem and mystery both of which could put an end to the local church. The solutions come from a neighborhood of interesting characters pulling together for the common good, their church. In a time of catastrophes and fear Ms. Deviny presents her readers a warm hearted yet gripping read. The style and sensibility of this gentle mystery is sure to find the niche it deserves."

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