Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Mustache Might Just Take Over The World!!!

Award-winning author Tom Angleberger flexes his comic muscle in this hairy adventure story with twists at every turn.

Regular kid Lenny Flem Jr. is the only one standing between his evil-genius best friend—Casper, a master of disguise and hypnosis—and world domination. It all begins when Casper spends money from his granny on a spectacularly convincing fake mustache, the Heidelberg Handlebar #7. With it he’s able rob banks, amass a vast fortune, and run for president. Is Lenny the only one who can see through his disguise? And will he be able to stop Casper from taking over the world?

Jackie says:
"Tom Angleberger is the author of the wildly popular The Strange Case of the Origami Yoda and Darth Paper Strikes Back, neither of which I read.  But I was curious about this guy's writing, so I dived in.  This book is hilarious and will appeal to boys and girls alike.  The premise is a novelty company sells a 12 year old boy a very expensive, and very possessed, mustache.  He becomes an instant master criminal, robbing banks and planning world domination.  His best friend teams up with a former child star to try to stop him.  There's plenty of action and no small amount of humor in this book (I chuckled through most of the book).  This book doesn't have the visual help of a Star Wars figure on it's cover, but if a kid picks it up, they are going to fall into the story with glee."

PSST!!!! ***Note: Look for this in August!>>>

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