Wednesday, September 7, 2011

When Technology and Communication Collide

A collection of insanely funny texts between parents and kids, When Parents Text is a surprisingly affecting window into the complicated time when parents aren't ready to let go, and kids aren't ready to "be "let go. The parents are well-meaning but hopeless, silly and a little corny, and befuddled by the technology. The kids are bewildered yet patient: the perfect straight man. And the authors, two recent college graduates, Lauren Kaelin and Sophia Fraioli, have an unerring editorial instinct to select the funniest, sweetest, quirkiest, most-telling exchanges.There's the revelatory: "Mom: My fingers are saying words. This is amazing." The virtual scolding: "Dad: I will deal with your sassy behavior when I get home. Meanwhile have some fiber."The autofill-challenged: "Mom: dig up some tadpoles on ur way homo. Me: ummm, what? Mom: It autocorrected me. I mean to say dig up some tadpoles on ur way homo. (4 minutes later) Mom: PICK UP SOME TAMPONS ON YOUR WAY HOME."The manically inappropriate: "Mom: Woo Hoo--Ruth died, you know Uncle Lyman's wife, BUT I have your Braves tickets and check on the table "And the downright inexplicable: "Dad: You could poop your pants in the yankee candle store and no one would know."

Launched as a website just last year, is a phenomenon. It receives 300,000 to 500,000 page views a day, with features in "The Huffington Post," "Entertainment Weekly," "College Humor," and more. When Parents Text includes the best of texts from the website, plus more than 50 percent all-new material never before published.Includes an emoticon glossary and 16-page color insert of MMS texts-- multimedia messaging service, aka, bizarre photos from mom and dad. It's the perfect gift for every text-savvy kid to give to his or her parents.

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what is sap ecc 6.0 said...

Haha. That's brilliant. I would never think of coming up with that hilarious technology stuff. I'm so happy my parents aren't tech-savvy, because that would be the end of me.