Friday, September 2, 2011

Jackie Calls This "A Very Dishy Read"

Mira Rinaldi lives life at a rolling boil. Co-owner of Grappa, a chic New York City trattoria, she has an enviable apartment, a brand-new baby, and a frenzied schedule befitting her success. Everything changes the night she catches her husband, Jake, "wielding his whisk" with Grappa's new waitress. Mira's fiery response earns her a court-ordered stint in anger management and the beginning of legal and personal predicaments as she battles to save her restaurant and pick up the pieces of her life. Mira falls back on family and friends in Pittsburgh as she struggles to find a recipe for happiness. But the heat is really on when some surprising developments in New York present her with a high stakes opportunity to win back what she thought she had lost forever. For Mira, cooking isn't just about delicious flavours and textures, but about the pleasure found in filling others' needs. And the time has come to decide where her own fulfilment lies - even if the answers are unexpected.

Jackie says:
"This is a dishy (every possible pun intended) read about a foodie couple and their divorce, told from Mira's point of view.  Mira is a talented chef and co-owner of a hip NY restaurant, a new mother, in the middle of a divorce and going to court ordered anger management sessions because she ripped a few clumps of hair out of one of the servers head after she caught her on the office couch with her husband.  At times in the book you laugh with her, at her, cry for her and generally wish that she lived next door.  There's tons of mouth watering talk about food, too, as well as some recipes included at the back of the book.  In short, this is a very tasty read indeed."

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joanie murray said...

Sounds very tempting. I will be picking up my copy soon. Good luck Meredith!