Monday, September 26, 2011

This Book Was "one of the most unique reading experiences I've ever had", says Jackie

Lamb traces the self-discovery of David Lamb, a narcissistic middle aged man with a tendency toward dishonesty, in the weeks following the disintegration of his marriage and the death of his father. Hoping to regain some faith in his own goodness, he turns his attention to Tommie, an awkward and unpopular eleven-year-old girl. Lamb is convinced that he can help her avoid a destiny of apathy and emptiness, and even comes to believe that his devotion to Tommie is in her best interest. But when Lamb decides to abduct a willing Tommie for a road trip from Chicago to the Rockies, planning to initiate her into the beauty of the mountain wilderness, they are both shaken in ways neither of them expects.

Lamb is a masterful exploration of the dynamics of love and dependency that challenges the boundaries between adolescence and adulthood, confronts preconceived notions about conventional morality, and exposes mankind’s eroded relationship with nature.

Jackie says:
"This is a very strange, mesmerizing book by a relatively local author.  She describes it as being told in "first-person, albeit a distant one."  It is the story of a middle aged man and an the eleven year old girl whom he adopts, though most would say abducts, for a cross country ride from Chicago to the very rural and mountainous west.  It's not nearly as "Lolitaish" as it sounds, though there is an element of innocence mixed with corruption to both the man and child.  You cannot make assumptions as you read this book--there are many blind alleys to the narrative.  Just when I'm sure something was going to transpire, the story line would shoot off in another direction I didn't anticipate at all.  It isn't a mystery, but it certainly is mysterious.  It is one of the most unique reading experiences I've ever had, and even now I'm hard pressed to explain to myself what the books was about, so I'm certainly not going to be able to do it for you.  My suggestion is that you read it for yourself.  I don't think you'll be disappointed."

Meet the author TONIGHT!!!
Bonnie Nadzam will be reading from and signing her book tonight at 7:30 at our Colfax Avenue Store.

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