Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jackie's Impressed with the New Edition to Kim Harrison's Madison Avery Series

Something Deadly This Way Comes
This is the third book in best selling Harrison's Madison Avery YA 
series.  Madison was a normal teenager until she died on prom night. 
Now she's a Dark Timekeeper who works for Heaven--she tells the Dark Reapers when to go and get a soul.  However, she's not crazy about the policies around this, and she's actually fighting with the Seraphim for the ability to help more humans before their souls are reaped.  It's not as religion oriented as it sounds--it's very action packed 
and has not small amount of Harrison's cheeky humor (and very little 
of her trademark sexiness--she saves that for The Hallows series for 
adults).  There is a strong current of morality, responsibility,  initiative and being true to yourself throughout this whole series  that is uplifting as well as entertaining.  I highly recommend the  entire series.


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