Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dispatch From The Field: Joe Says "This is an unforgettable book".

The Chronology of Water
By the time I finished this book, I felt like I had been engulfed in a flood, rolled over and over again, and thrown out onto a pebble beach, gasping for air, rejoicing to be alive. This is an unforgettable book. Lidia Yuknavitch writes about her life with a breathless intensity that sweeps the reader along the roaring rapids of Lidia's life. Abused by her father, raised by an alcoholic mother, saw her swim career fall by the wayside (first by the Olympic boycott, then by her own partying), and then drugs, alcohol and sex. Lots of all three. Marriages. Miscarriage. Sex, love and rebirth. Yuknavtich's style is unlike anything I've read. At times, non-linear, at times pure poetry, at times challenging the heteronormative, Christian mores of our society. And at all times, engrossing, accessible, personal and unforgettable. I was moved by every word of this book. Every sentence, everything. This is a book I've already got many of my friends lined up to read.


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