Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jackie's Favorite Books In The Store: "Parlato's art just blows me away!"

Imagine a world where everyone loves books, and where people become what they read. And then... when the book is done, they become themselves again, only smarter. This is the world Stephen Parlato creates in The World That Loved Books, a world where even the animals love to read. Illustrated with gorgeous, intricately detailed collages, this dazzling picture book conveys a sense of joy and wonder about the natural world. It's also a powerful fable about reading books and how they change the reader in marvelous and
 unexpected ways.

Dragons Love
The world has not always loved dragons, but dragons have always loved the world. They love the simple beauty of nature's fleeting flowers, the armor left behind by knights who come to slay but end up playing with them. They love the birds with whom they share the skies, and they love books that entrance them. Often cast as villains associated with destruction, in this enchanting picture book dragons are depicted as great spirits and protectors of the natural world, ancient beings in touch with the beauty and rhythms of the earth. Collage art of dragons compiled from the things they love fill every page of this book, which is sure to spark young imaginations.

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