Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dreams of the Garden: Keeping It Contained

Continuous Container Gardens
Two renowned garden designers offer an innovative system for creating stylish containers that change with the seasons. The book features 12 designer containers, each with a unique plan for swapping plants in every season. Full color.

Succulent Container Gardens 
With their colorful leaves, sculptural shapes, and simple care, succulents are beautiful yet forgiving plants for pots. The more than 300 photos, A-Z descriptions, and inspiring ideas in this collection show how to get the most out of these plants.

The Vegetable Gardener's Container Bible

Bestselling author Smith shows readers how easy it is to grow a backyard garden even without a backyard. By growing vegetables in containers, even novice gardeners can reap an abundance of organic food in very small spaces.

Tips for Container Gardening

Truth be told, you can grow almost anything in a pot — and you can place those pots anywhere … on a deck, patio or rooftop. That’s why so many people love container gardening. It’s versatile enough for suburban homeowners with acres of land as well as apartment-dwellers with no patch of ground to call their own. In fact, growing edibles in containers is a perfect way for homeowners and gardeners with limited space to have fresh food in their kitchens. Like each issue of "Fine Gardening," this latest collection is brimming with 300 essential tips, savvy shortcuts, and tried-and-true techniques, celebrating the growing popularity of container gardening. Tips for Container Gardening promises to bring out the bountiful best in all containers, large or small.

Container Gardening: Fresh Ideas For Outdoor Living
Great ideas and expert advice on designing, planting, and caring for beautiful container gardens. Creating a paradise in pots
  • The latest choices in container styles and materials
  • Combining "thrillers" and "spillers" for spectacular arrangements
  • Twenty-eight simple and stunning DIY projects
  • Secrets to keeping container gardens thriving
Inspiration blossoms with dozens of photos showcasing container gardens of all styles, from traditional to contemporary. "Designing Your Container" covers the basics of working with color, shape, and scale to create eye-catching compositions. "Finishing the Look" offers a wealth of ideas for displaying container gardens to maximum effect.

Kids' Container Gardening
With 18 projects gleaned from the author’s experience as director of the Good Earth Kids’ Club, Kids’ Container Gardening will teach enthusiastic young gardeners how to create an assortment of container gardens that are simple to make, that are fun to work on, and that make great gifts. Organized by season, the books’ chapters will help kids develop their green thumbs with projects ranging from “Great Big Garden Bowls for Mom,” “Father’s Day Fountains,” and other special occasion/holiday containers to sand art terrariums. In addition to providing the basics on plants and gardening, this helpful guide also includes a glossary of terms, a listing of plants used in the book, a list of resources, and numerous photographs to show kids that they’re proceeding on the right path as they create their individual containers.


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