Friday, April 15, 2011

Doggone Good Reads: Judy S. Loves This Collection of Local Pub Pups

The Brew Dogs of Colorado is a photographic tribute to the special relationship between Colorado's craft brewers and their dogs. The book begins with a foreword from Colorado's Governor , John Hickenlooper, a Colorado brewpub pioneer, and follows the stories of over 70 dogs and their breweries. Making great beer requires dedication to the craft, and Colorado's brew dogs prove that man's (and brewer's) best friend make the most loyal companions during the endless hours in the brewery. Dogs, beer, Colorado - it doesn't get much better!

Judy says:
"You have to check out this picture book! Who knew there was a dog at just about every microbrewery in Colorado? The dog photographs are close-up and both endearing and funny. Some of my favorites follow, but really it's impossible to chose only a few. They're all awesome.

That's Kahlua of Estes Park Brewery looking like she's in sheer bliss over being on the cover. There there's Boulderite Cody Maverick playing a wicked game of Foosball (not!) at Avery Brewing Companty. And who could resist the little Yorkshire Poppy standing next to a jug of Old Mill Brew as big as she is? Or winsome Lily the Dachshund nestled in a bed of yellow mums at Phantom Canyon.

Yes, go for a brew, but don't forget to give your favorite dog noggin' snog for the road!

Also, don't forget to stop by any of the Tattered Cover stores for The Beer Drinker's Guide to Colorado, a road map to find all of these great breweries and more! (It's not available on our web site, but you can call the store if you want one and we'll set you up!)"

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