Saturday, April 2, 2011

Amy S. Recommends....

The Book of Luminous Things "The Book of Luminous Things is an anthology that includes poetry from all around the globe. Because of its diverse subject matter and wide variety of perspectives, this anthology appeals both to those just getting into poetry and long time poetry lovers. In exploring what it means to be human, Milosz repeatedly chooses the voices that will challenge readers, inspiring them to think and to live a worthy life."

The Great Fires
"Jack Gilbert has the unique gift of whispering secrets between the lines of his poetry. Every word, line, and poem is placed precisely in relation to others, to create meaning, arising from all of it. A widely celebrated American poet, Gilbert explores the meaning behind action and change, making claims about love, death, and especially regret, that come from the soul. (Gilbert also just came out with a volume called The Dance Most of All that looks back on his life, but The Great Fires is, in my opinion, his best work.)"

The Wild Iris
"Written from the perspective of various flowers, The Wild Iris is one of Gluck's most carefully crafted volumes. Through this unique lens, readers are able to go beyond the normal bounds of thought, moving directly into nature and the wilder side of being alive."

"This compilation of several of Kenyon's volumes explores how meaning
can be found in the daily, simple, and ordinary. A good place for new
lovers of poetry to begin, Otherwise is highly accessible without a
hint of condescension."

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Mouse said...

The Book of Luminous Things and The Wild Iris are on my "to read" list, can't wait to get to them!