Monday, June 14, 2010

Wendy's Window: Children's Books About Fathers

The Fathers Are Coming Home

As night falls, the fathers come home. The rabbit hops home to his bunnies; the dog returns to his puppies; the bird brings home a worm and sings a song. And the boy's father, who is a sailor, comes home from the sea.

Simple, lyrical words and pictures tell this timeless story, a heartfelt tribute to the love between fathers and their children.

I Love My Dad

Ollie the zebra and his dog Fred celebrate all the things they love about Dad.

Daddy Loves His Little Girl

John Carter Cash flies readers to castles by the sea as one little girl goes on an adventure that reminds her that her daddy loves her very much. This gem is a tribute to the love between a father and daughter, and a journey into a land of dreams and adventures.

Kisses for Daddy

At bedtime when Daddy asks for a goodnight kiss, Baby Bear says no way. Daddy Bear then charms his son into giving him giraffe kisses, crocodile kisses, bat kisses, and baby bear kisses. Perfect for bedtime—and Father's Day.

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