Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rocky Mountain Author Spotlight: Dom Testa

Judy B sings his praises:

"Dom Testa is a terrific writer with a gift for dialogue. He was originally a self-published author whose sci-fi series "The Galahad Series" was picked up by the perfect publisher, Tor books. His books are scientific, they are full of interesting characters, the leader of the space ship is a 17 year old girl (Dom was on the cutting edge of girl heroes in teen sci-fi). And also, the book is clean, i.e., no graphic sex or violence, but still great adventure. He also has a website, "The Big Brain Club" especially for boys who at a certain age might think they need to hide their smarts to fit in.In his other life, he is a radio person on "the Dom and Jane show"."

When the tail of the comet Bhaktul flicks through the Earth’s atmosphere, deadly particles are left in its wake. Suddenly, mankind is confronted with a virus that devastates the adult population. Only those under the age of eighteen seem to be immune. Desperate to save humanity, a renowned scientist proposes a bold plan: to create a ship that will carry a crew of 251 teenagers to a home in a distant solar system. Two years later, the Galahad and its crew—none over the age of sixteen—is launched.

Two years of training have prepared the crew for the challenges of space travel. But soon after departing Earth, they discover that a saboteur is hiding on the Galahad! Faced with escalating acts of vandalism and terrorized by threatening messages, sixteen-year-old Triana Martell and her council soon realize that the stowaway will do anything to ensure that the Galahad never reaches its destination. The teens must find a way to neutralize their enemy. For if their mission fails, it will mean the end of the human race….

***The official release party for The Web of Titan has been set for July 17 at the Tattered Cover Book Store in Highlands Ranch. The festivities begin at 2:00, and will include not only a talk and an autograph session, but also some VERY special guests that you won't want to miss.***
After triumphing over a saboteur bent on destroying Galahad, Triana and her Council are eager to avoid any further complications. But as Galahad swings around the ringed planet Saturn, they encounter a mysterious metal pod orbiting the moon of Titan. The teens prepare to bring the pod and its contents aboard, only to be faced with a another crisis: an illness that is beyond their medical experience. Dozens of crew members fall into a comatose state, only to awaken with strangely glowing eyes. To make matters worse, the systems of Galahad begin to fail. With time running out, can Triana and her shipmates escape the Web of Titan? (Available for pre-order now.)

Check out for information and links to Club Galahad (with character journals, articles in the real science of Galahad and more), The Big Brain Club (with interviews with celebrities who like to 'get their geek on' as well as writing exercises and tips), teaching videos, parent guides, links to articles by Dom and lots more.

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