Sunday, June 20, 2010

Maggie Stiefvater's Wolves of Mercy Falls Series: Reviews and Previews

Now out in paperback!
For Grace, one yellow-eyed wolf is a chilling presence in the woods behind her house. During winter, Sam lives in the frozen woods and the silent company of a fearless girl. In summer, he lives a few precious months as a human. Soon, Grace and Sam find themselves risking everything to remain together.

Molly's review:
This book was a thrill to read! Every moment in this book was filled with emotion. As Grace and Sam fight for each other, and for the cause of staying together, I was pulled into their story. There was one huge thing keeping them from their evident love, and they put it off for as long as they could, but when the time came they could do only one thing. Will this work? You must ready this book to find out.

Jackie's review:
Technically, this is teen fiction, but I think everyone who loves a great love story and wants to believe that there is magic in the world should read this book. Magical is
exactly what this book is. Not just because it's about a girl and her werewolf. Because it's told with depth and beauty, creating a world you want to loose yourself in. It made me cry more than once and yet has filled me with an emotion I cannot quite name--a sort of wistful joy and glowing hope is the best way I can come up with to describe it. I will not tell you more about this story--I want you to come to it on your own and fall under it's spell without anything to spoil it. Give yourself the treat of reading this book.

Coming out July 20, 2010
Available for pre-order.

In Maggie Stiefvater's "Shiver," Grace and Sam found each other. Now, in "Linger," they must fight to be together. For Grace, this means defying her parents and keeping a very dangerous secret about her own well-being. For Sam, this means grappling with his werewolf past . . . and figuring out a way to survive into the future. Add into the mix a new wolf named Cole, whose own past has the potential to destroy the whole pack. And Isabelle, who already lost her brother to the wolves . . . and is nonetheless drawn to Cole.

At turns harrowing and euphoric, "Linger "is a spellbinding love story that explores both sides of love -- the light and the dark, the warm and the cold -- in a way you will never forget.

Jackie's Review:
This is the second book in The Wolves of Mercy Falls series, and it is no less magical than the first. Sam is trying to adjust to being a full time human AND the leader of the pack of winter wolves as an early spring thaw occurs. Some of the new members are having problems, and a new theory of how the "changes" occur is formed out of desperation as wolves die and Grace seems to be suffering from the same sort of illness they are. The sense of the ticking clock is very prevalent in this book, and I admit to forgetting to breathe while reading the last 20 pages. There is a cliff hanging sort of ending that's gonna have ME baying at the moon until part #3 comes out some time in 2011.

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Eesti said...

I have been looking for something great to read since reading the twilight Saga and I have finally found it! I loved this book and couldn't put it down. Now I can't wait till Linger comes out! Is a great read especially if your team Jacob!