Wednesday, June 9, 2010

TC Tidbits: Raiders of the Lost Archives

Agence France-Presse reported that the national library of Sweden has acquired several unpublished manuscripts by Stieg Larsson, which were written when the author of the Millennium trilogy was "around age 17, long before he became a journalist and novelist, when he was hoping to break in as a writer of genre fiction," the New York Times wrote.

"We have received material from a small archive from a periodical called the Jules Verne Magazine, and in that small archive there were some manuscripts by the author Stieg Larsson that were never published," said Magdalena Gram, deputy national librarian of Sweden, adding that the works were "in the science-fiction genre."

(from Shelf Awareness, June 9, 2010)


Jill said...

A lot of bookworms will be anxiously awaiting the chance to get their hands on some more Stieg material!

hungry reader said...

That's why we thought it was such a juicy tidbit. No information about when (and it is when, not if) the stories will be released, though.