Monday, November 3, 2014

Our Teen Reviewer Tanner Has A Recommendation For You

There’s more than one kind of monster.

When Chase first sees the little girl in umbrella socks disemboweling the Rottweiler, he's not too concerned. As a longtime meth addict, he’s no stranger to such horrifying, drug-fueled hallucinations.

But as he and his fellow junkies soon discover, the little girl is no illusion. The end of the world really has arrived. And with Chase’s life already shattered by addiction, the apocalypse might actually be an opportunity—a last chance to hit restart, win back the love of his life, and become the person he once dreamed of being.

That is, if the darkness inside him doesn't destroy everything—again.

Tanner says:
"I give Fiend an 8 out of 10.

This book is about a zombie apocalypse where meth is essential to survive. The zombies are vicious man eaters called “chucks” because they continuously laugh at nothing. As these meth addicts struggle to survive the book displays multiple controversial situations that you will find yourself unable to quit reading about. I found this book interesting because not only does it have a powerful moral behind the story, but it also has everything a young reader would appreciate in a book. This book has the struggle of surviving a zombie apocalypse while they endeavor to find meth. There’s also other controversial situations such as love, sex, and a lot of arguing. While this book would mainly attract young readers, I think people of all age should at least consider this book."

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