Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Judy B.'s Favorite Picture Books of 2013

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Judy's note: "Mr. Wuffles gets the surprise of his life when he discovers visitors who are not from this planet."
 Judy's note: "I think of Harold and the Purple Crayon when I read this spectacular book."
 Judy's note: "These are my 2 favorite characters of the year --a cowboy looking for a home and his mighty steed, a friendly rhino named Calliope."
Judy's note: "A lovely and whimsical story with a surprise ending."

 Judy's note: "This is possibly about grieving but really a lot about friendship when we most need it."

Judy's note: "Everyone in this family is on an adventure to build a house-- family, community, hard work, and happy endings."

Judy's note: "There are many 'bully' books out now, but I find this simple approach says it all: how one becomes a bully, the pain that a bully causes, and a little bit about
standing up to bullies and  then accepting them. Powerful!"
Judy's note: ""All primates. All one family.  All my family.  And yours!" 
Judy's note: "It's time to hibernate, but Baby Bear has run away after a bumble bee.
Papa Bear is running after Baby Bear.  Hilarity ensues, when Papa Bear ends up at the Paris Opera House, on stage.  The reader must look carefully at the story to follow the action."
Judy's notes: "Brightly illustrated book comparing the customs, food, cheers, and much more of American baseball and Japanese baseball.
Great even if you are not a baseball fan."
Judy's note: "Tthat wonderful Sesame Street song is illustrated in the happiest way. Lovely and fun."

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